The Moon Was In The Sign Of Virgo

Jan 13, 2010 | Posted in Articles

The Moon Was In The Sign Of Virgo

(The Moon’s Last Aspect While In Virgo Was A Square To Pluto.)

The evening of October 7th 2007 I went to a friend’s house after he had asked me repeatedly to fix the leak, on the swivel sprayer, on the end of the spigot, of the faucet, of his kitchen sink. I fixed it. The base of the faucet spigot began to leak. After almost removing the entire faucet, I realized I didn’t have to and I discovered a small hole at the base of the spigot. The next day I went with my friend to buy a new faucet; the day after that I installed it. Soon after the installation the garage disposal was used to eliminate a bunch of potato peels. Those potato peels plugged up the plumbing that ran out of the kitchen and about the same time I found a leak in the elbow pipe under the sink.

Beginning to get frustrated, the next day I went out alone and purchased a new elbow. I removed he old elbow, cleaned out the potato bits and installed the new elbow. The plumbing was still stopped up and turning on the garbage disposal didn’t help. As I began to investigate and retackle the problem under the sink I found a leak in the L-shaped pipe that went from the garbage disposal to the plumbing. I immediately left for the hardware store to buy a plumber’s snake and that L-shaped pipe. Upon returning I removed the new elbow pipe and used the snake to remove as much of the potato peel pieces as I could. After my best effort to remove the potato peel pieces, the pipe going out of the kitchen was still plugged up.

After taking some time to think of what to do next I asked my friend to bring in the garden hose and leave the other end connected to the outdoor faucet. I put the hose inside the pipe and covered the sides of the pipe with a towel. I asked my friend to turn on the outdoor facet. The pressure didn’t clear the pipe and water ran out under the sink and on the kitchen floor. We mopped up the water on the kitchen floor and under the sink. The same procedure was attempted two more times with the same results.

In attempting a fourth try I cut off the metal tip of the hose and rounded the hose end as much as I could with an exacto-like knife to make the hose as easy as it could be to get the hose as far into the pipe as I could get it. After I got the hose as far into the pipe as I could, I got a washcloth and with a screwdriver I stuffed the washcloth as tightly into the sides of the pipe as I could. I put another towel around the hose and pipe and held it as tightly as I could as I asked my friend to turn on the water again. Water still kept gushing out from the pipe under the sink and on the kitchen floor, but this time I didn’t tell him to stop. After about 5 to 10 seconds of the water running out onto the kitchen floor the water stopped gushing and cleared the stopped up pipe. Thrilled that the pipe was finally unstopped I installed the L-shaped pipe and reinstalled the elbow.

As I was cleaning up I noticed a tiny copper pipe that furnished hot water to the dishwasher was leaking where it connected to the main hot water pipe. I removed the copper pipe, cleaned it and reconnected it. It still leaked. I carefully tightened the connection, trying not to tighten it so much as to break the connection. It still leaked. I ended up carefully tightening the connection seven times before I got the leak to stop.

The next day it was found that the faucet that turned the cold water on and off under the sink was leaking. I tightened the faucet, on the “on” position, as tight as I could with my hand and the leak was stopped.

This is a true story. I told you this story to give you a good example of what happens when the last aspect the Moon makes before she leaves the sign is a square, and when that square is to Pluto. When I began this the evening of October the 7th, I had no idea this was going to be what it turned out to be and when I realized what it was becoming, a couple of days had passed and I couldn’t even guess what time I started, to give me a workable event chart. For the purposes of this being a good lesson, this was probably good, because it made me only concentrate on the Moon’s final major aspect, while in the sign she occupies. If I had the chart, I could have read it to show my success or failure. Since I succeeded, it would have shown success after considerable effort. The last major aspect being a square confirmed considerable effort and square being to Pluto indicated complications due to compounded problems.

No rule in astrology is absolute, but as a rule, anytime you start something while the Moon is in a sign where her last aspect, before she leaves that sign is a square, achieving that success will be difficult or require extra effort. The planet squared will describe the nature of the difficulty or the required extra effort. If that square is to a retrograde planet, the success, if achieved will never be as you hoped. If that square is to a retrograde malefic, you’ll very likely regret what you started,

Anytime the Moon’s last aspect, while in the sign she occupies, is an aspect to Pluto, whether good or bad, there will always be a complication that will have to be dealt with; this is simply the characteristic of the Moon’s last aspect to Pluto. For example: a trine to Pluto may give you an easy success, but with something that will have to be dealt with, corrected, or clarified before that success can be finalized.

In the story you just read the Moon’s last aspect was a square and that square was to Pluto. Consequently, there was a series of complications that created a comedy of errors that had to be dealt with.

I wrote this to help you better understand what the Moon’s last major aspect, that she will make, while in the sign she occupies is important to the outcome of the event or horary question. The major aspects are the conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition, parallel of declination and contra-parallel of declination.

This has a postscript. When I finished typing this and printed a hard copy I forgot to save it to my computer’s hard drive. That was around the middle of October, 1007. To be able to give this to you I’ve had to re-type this from my hard copy. I’ve just completed the retyping at 1:14 am EST, February 10, 2008. That dammed square to Pluto!

Gilbert Navarro