The 7th House

Jan 13, 2010 | Posted in Articles

In any horary chart, the 1st House rules the one who initially poses the question. If you ask a question about someone else besides you, the 7th House rules that someone else. Another house might rule that someone else better, but you’ll never be wrong by using the 7th House to rule the one you’re asking about. When I was very young, in my 20’s Mrs. Jacobson taught me that the reason the 7th House always works is because; as she said, “You only relate to people through your 7th House.” With 40 years of experience as a professional astrologer I can tell you she was right.

There are aspects by sign or signs and aspects by degree. There are also aspects by degree, but out of sign. Two planets in different signs but signs of the same element could get along whether in aspect or not. If they’re not in aspect, they won’t relate to each other, not because they don’t want to, they simply don’t have the ability. This could be because they don’t know each other; they probably don’t know each other if no aspect has yet formed between the two planets while in the signs they occupy; that aspect would be a trine. If an aspect has already formed, but has passed and is now out of orb, they likely know each other but have lost contact and may have no ability to reconnect. If they’re in aspect, then they can and likely will relate to each other.

Before I get too far, I want to get back to planets in aspect but out of sign. Aspects are promises, promises for something to happen. If that aspect is an out of sign aspect, that aspect tends to be a broken promise. The aspect is the promise and the aspect makes the promise look promising, but for the aspect to perfect one planet must change signs, making the situation change. Conditions are not the same, so when the aspect perfects nothing happens.

Now I can get back to planets in different signs but the same element. If they’re in a major aspect, that aspect can only be a trine. If they’re out of orb of the trine, either not yet in orb or past the orb not all is lost. There’s still another sign of the same element. If there’s a planet there that aspects both of the other two planets then the other two planets can connect, through a third person, or venue the other two can turn to. The same can occur if there’s a third planet between them and sextile both.