My Services

Primarily I am a Horary Astrologer, so the majority of my work is in Horary Astrology, but many don’t see how close Electional Astrology is to Horary Astrology. For this reason a great deal of my work consists of Electional work. Electional Astrology is the craft of picking the best time to give the client the best possible astrological chance to achieve the outcome the client wishes to achieve. This could be something like electing a time to buy an automobile to last to electing a time to have a fun vacation.

Another part of my work is in birthtime rectification. This is taking the events in ones life and working backwards to find someone’s exact birthtime. This works best when the client has an idea of his or her birthtime. At the time I asked my astrologer to set up my natal chart I didn’t have a copy of my birth certificate. My mother, an amateur astrologer, didn’t remember my birthtime, except to say it was in the afternoon, but she said it was correct in my birth certificate, because she insisted the correct time would be on there when I was born. With just the information of my birthdate, birthplace and the afternoon Mrs. Jacobson, my astrologer rectified my birthtime to 3:33:48 pm. When I received my birth certificate, it listed my birthtime as 3:35 pm, the difference of 1 minute and 12 seconds. For those who have her textbook and are interested, Mrs. Jacobson used my natal chart as a lesson in rectification in page 56 and 57 of IN THE BEGINNING ASTROLOGY. I have made birthtime rectification part of my services because this is an area of astrology I seem to understand better than most of my peers in astrology. Although I do not do any natal work, I can give you your correct birthtime so that another astrologer can.

The following are the fees for my services

To answer a horary question

  • Priority Service: by that evening or the next morning…….………...........$150.00
  • Rush Order: by the next evening or the evening after, at the latest……$100.00
  • Regular Service: a week to 10 days, sooner if my workload permits….$75.00

Priority Service and Rush Orders will get an answer by phone or email followed by the chart with a typed answer on one page, sent by post mail. Regular Service will get their answer by post mail. If you wish to pose a question see ASK A HORARY QUESTION in this website.

Birthtime Rectification and Electional Astrology

Birthtime Rectification and Electional Astrology vary in time. Birthtime rectification depends on how much information I have to work with. Electing a time to achieve a client’s goal depends on the time parameters I have to work with and how much assured success the client wants. The fees are basically the same as Priority Service, Rush Order and Regular Service, but PER HOUR. For these services I have billed a client for as little as 1 hour to more than 24 hours of work time.
Contact me about Birthtime Rectification and Electional Astrology

Gilbert Navarro Correspondence Course in Horary Astrology

I also teach THE GILBERT NAVARRO CORRESPONDENCE COURSE IN HORARY ASTROLOGY, only taught by correspondence. Diana Stone in Vancouver, Washington also teaches this course. For more information on the correspondence course see the course ad in this website, or see Diana’s website a

I also lecture in astrology but have taken a break in lecturing except lecturing for the AFA in keeping a promise asked of and made to Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson.