Correspondence Course In Horary Astrology

Dear friends interested in Horary Astrology,

If you have a basic knowledge of astrology, the signs, houses, planets, etc., you can learn Horary Astrology. The benefits are tremendous. It can be used as a personal aid to yourself, or to help others. Many of my students have gone on to become professional horary astrologers.

For years, this course has been taught n Europe, and Mid-East, Australia, South America, as well as, the USA and Canada.

Creating this course was a labor of love. Every one of the 32 lessons actually came from horary questions posed from my clientele over a perios of 16 years. I love teaching and sharing the enthusiasm each student feels when he or she sees how well the rules of Horary Astrology work.

When your clients pose any kind of question concerning any matter, Horary Astrology can never get boring. Along with learning how to set up the horary chart, you as a student will gain an understanding of the aspects in Horary Astrology, the meaning behind planetary standing, the Moon in Horary Astrology, as well as, the void-of-course Moon. The course also deals with the measurement of time, distance, and direction in the horary chart. It will give you a method to analyze personal relationships, find lost articles, locate missing people, and evaluate conditions of health, each in a step by step, lesson by lesson exercise.

The fee for the course is $300.00 for students living in the USA and Canada. Due to increase in postage, the fee to all other countries is $350.00. The required texts are Simplified Horary Astrology and Here and There in Astrology by ivy. M Goldstein-Jacobson and The Rulership Book by Rex E. Bills. TO take this course, send your check or money order to me. By return mail you will receive the COURSE BOOK, the 1st lesson, and self-addressed envelopes for each lesson. Special provisions to receive multiple lessons can be made for students that live at a great distance to this this course at a faster pace.

Please Note: This is a good horary course, but it has been in its present form for more than 25 years, before computers and all the present software now available. As soon as time permits, this course will be redesigned through the use of software such as Photoshop, Microsoft Word, etc. Upon completion the fee for this course will increase. If you ever plan to take this course, now would be a good time to take it.

For more information, call

(evenings please)

or write to:

Gilbert Navarro
112 Palmette Drive


Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson
Author of: "Simplified Horary Astrology"

"You have a masterpiece"

Rex E. Bills
Author of: "The Rule Book"

"I gained a lot of insight and understanding into this part of astrology. Gilbert, I am very impressed."

Diana Bills Stone
Author of: "United States Wheel of Destiny"

-Your long experience teaching classes and working professionally as a Horary Astrologer really show! I am proud to be associated with you professionally."
Edgewood, MD 21040-3520